Why Is It Important to Use Rubber Flooring in Schools?

Picking the right and best rubber flooring is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to choosing floorings for Schools, one should consider a wide range of factors while picking the best rubber flooring. This blog will discuss the types of rubber flooring for schools, its uses, and its benefits.

The factors that must be considered when choosing rubber flooring are space, style, lifecycle, strength & acoustics, comfort, cost, and indoor air quality. Rubber flooring plays a significant role in children’s schools and playgrounds and provides many benefits that cannot be matched by other floorings like granite, wood, and tiles.

Rubber Flooring for Schools

Rubber flooring is a widely used material for industrial and commercial purposes, made of natural rubber or recycled synthetic materials from vehicle tyres. The main rubber flooring types used in commercial and residential applications are EPDM wet pour, interlocking tiles, basic rubber rolls, square edge tiles, and sheets. These materials will help to make the surface highly durable in low-cost maintenance.

Now, let us know the benefits of rubber flooring for school children in both schools and playgrounds.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring in Schools

Today, rubber flooring has become one of the most valued floorings among designers and architects, especially in education. The primary use of rubber flooring is to maintain its quality and beauty even under heavy foot traffic and constant use. In general, Rubber flooring is durable & time-tested, which is also stain-resistant, which makes the floor look cleaner and newer. Rubber floors do not require much time to clean and strip. It only needs to be recoated with wax each academic year.

Rubber flooring creates a pleasant learning environment and contributes to healthier indoor air quality as the installation involves waxing and stripping, eliminating harsh chemical products in the air. Henceforth, there is no need for highly distracting and irritating chemical cleaners. Rubber flooring does not contain toxic substances like plasticizers, halogens or PVC.

It also helps in minimizing the school time noises. As everyone knows, in educational environments, the alarming concern is noise. High noise level interrupts teaching & learning in schools which severely impacts productivity in schools and offices. With the help of Rubber flooring, you can build a more productive environment. Furthermore, it provides an excellent opportunity to influence the acoustical performance of the space. Terrain floorings are the best-known commercial rubber flooring for their qualities like sound absorption and effectiveness in sound minimizing associated with student chatter, heavy foot traffic, and echoes in the auditorium to a more tolerable less-distracting ambiance.

Benefits of Rubber Flooring in School Playgrounds

As we all know, rubber flooring is widely used and preferred in schools, community playgrounds, and other purposes like gym flooring, animal flooring, industrial flooring, sports flooring, and much more. The primary reason for preferring rubber flooring for schools and playgrounds is that it is cost-effective, requires less maintenance, is safe and durable, and ensures child protection when playing. Let us go through some of the benefits more elaborately.

Safety for Kids:

Rubber flooring is slip-resistant in nature, as it doesn’t wear out over time of its safety properties. It is made to affect resistance and also to adapt to frequent movement. This type of additional cushion feature provides the kids lower risk of injuries. It also minimizes the risk of high-fall injuries. Rubber tiles are underestimated because of their soft texture; however, during rainy seasons, the slip-resistance features play a vital role when coming in contact with a surface layer with moisture.

Sound Absorbing Features:

Rubber flooring can be the best choice when planning to design and construct playgrounds near places with reasonable limits or within housing vicinity. To quite an extent, rubber flooring helps you to eliminate footstep sounds.

Attractive Design and Style:

Rubber flooring is a perfect choice if you want your playground flooring to be durable and stylish. Rubber floorings are available in multiple colors, patterns, and sizes. This helps you to tailor overall playground flooring needs more efficiently.

Also, with unique rubber flooring designs and colors, you can decorate the play area flooring with a personal touch by making it more entertaining and attractive for your little kids.

Designed for Kids’ Comfortability:

The best choice for school and preschool playgrounds is rubber flooring, designed especially for young kids. Commercial playground types of equipment like swings, slides, and monkey climber areas require rubber flooring for better protection for the kids to avoid the risk of falling. Rubber flooring is the only material cushions falling, prevents injuries, and significantly absorbs the shock. It provides the freedom to play without worrying about the fear of injuries. Thus, rubber flooring prevents damage from falling or tripping while running.

Cost-effective and Durable:

Rubber flooring is cost-effective, easy to install, and has a longer life span because of its UV resistance feature, which doesn’t matter how frequently you use it. Due to this feature, the maintenance and replacement costs are less than you think. Clean the rubber flooring surfaces, and the process is relatively easy. All you need is a primary cleaning light detergent liquid and water as per requirements.

In conclusion, the benefits of good quality rubber flooring in schools, playgrounds, and other educational facilities are a must as it guarantees safe to play with low-risk injuries. You can trust the rubber flooring as it is low-maintenance, saving money. It can also withstand everyday spills and dirt for a long way. If you are looking for durable rubber flooring for industrial and commercial purposes like in schools, gym flooring, or playground flooring, then get in touch with us.

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