How to Take Care of Your Rubber Flooring Tiles

Terrain’s recycled rubber sport flooring tiles are among the easiest flooring solutions around when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. In fact, it’s possible to keep the surface looking as good as new with minimal effort. However, most people aren’t aware of what needs to be done to have a well-maintained and long-lasting rubber floor which means that they invariably end up having to get it repaired or replaced much before they ideally need to. 

To make sure that your Terrain Eco Rubber Flooring tile lasts for as long as it should, all you have to do is follow these tile care tips. We have split it into three parts: Pre-installation, Installation and Post-installation.

Part 1: Pre-Installation of Terrain Rubber Sport Flooring Tiles

Even though we recommend using the services of a professional to install a Terrain Rubber Tile, it can also be easily done by someone who has handyman skills. But, it is important to ensure that certain procedures are followed for the installation to go smoothly and the rubber tiles deliver maximum performance.

Step 1: Get the tiles ready

Step 2: Collect the necessary tools

Step 3: Use a level to make sure that the base is perfectly flat

Step 4: If required, clean the surface to rid it of dirt and impurities

Step 5: Mark the space and plan out your layout. (Pro tip: Start from the middle of the room and make your way to the end)

Part 2: Terrain Rubber Sport Flooring Installation

Step 1: Find the center of the space you are going to be installing the tiles in.

Step 2: Place the tiles next to each other, as per the layout you've decided.

Step 3: Glue them to the floor or use pins to hold them in place (depending on the thickness of your Eco Tile)

Pro Tip: Lay the tile in a brick pattern for best results

Step 4: Trim some tiles and use them to fill gaps. Remember to trim a few mm extra in width to make sure the tiles are sealed together

Pro Tip: Maintain uniform strokes while trimming to have flawless edges

Step 5: Gently tap the filler tile to fit it into the space

Part 3: Terrain Rubber Sport Flooring Post-Installation

Step 1: Mix mild detergent in a bucket of water

Step 2: Dip a mop into the mixture and remove excess water till it is just damp.

Step 3: Wipe the tiles with the damp mop.

Voila! That's all there is to it!


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