Mindful Rubber Flooring Solutions for Schools

Schools are hotspots of activity, and it is a school’s infrastructure to be robust, safe and secure – for mischief or maths. An integral part of ensuring this safety is choosing the right flooring. Flooring impacts the usability of any space and partakes in its functionality – making it purposeful; thus, the right flooring, by design, is crucial.

In schools, flooring considers not only classroom learning but sporting activities, conferences, fetes and playground activities. This is why mindful flooring solutions can make or break the environment needed in an educational setup. Some areas of the school endure a more rugged use than others. These areas need an intelligent flooring solution based on the kind of activity and wear and tear they witness daily:


Cafeterias/Canteens/Dining halls

Cafeterias are prone to high traffic of people, with a lot of furniture and continuous movement. Food spills on the floor cause stains, which require frequent cleaning and hygiene checks. Flooring in such spaces needs to be low-maintenance while meeting utmost hygiene. Rubber floors are the way to go for these spaces, as they are non-porous, repel liquids, and are bacteria-resistant – making them easier to clean and maintain.


Bathrooms make for an accessible hub of infection. Damp surfaces tend to aid in the growth of germs and influence disease. Quick-dry flooring, which is easy to clean and install, is the ideal solution for bathrooms. Rubber flooring made of high-quality SBR and EPDM granules is perfect for bathrooms and gym/sports locker rooms.

Swimming Pool areas

Water makes swimming pools a host of injuries, germs and dirt. Tiles that are highly versatile, resistant to slippage and breakage, durable and easy to install, and help in water drainage are ideal choices for these spaces. Terrain® Hollow Mats, Link Mats and Edge Mats provide complete safety and all-around protection for all a swimming pool area needs. 

Play areas/ Playground

A playground needs flooring that would last a long time and handle persistent wear and tear — most of all, it provides safety and cushioning to secure a child during playtime. The Terrain® EPDM Wet Pour is slip-resistant, durable, and comfortable underfoot; hence, it offers high-impact absorption and has the added benefit of having a seamless finish, making it ideal for children’s play areas.


Race and athletic tracks are outdoors and need innovative flooring that provides grip, shock absorption, and abrasion resistance while being weatherproof – ensuring that the flooring lasts its time. Acrylic and Polyurethane materials are the go-to materials for the tracks.  The Terrain® Sport Pro range is a one-stop solution for track and sport-related flooring; the flooring material is certified fire-retardant, anti-fungal, anti-UV, fall-safe and slip-resistant. It lasts long, is low-maintenance and prevents injury due to its seamless finish. 

Fields/ Grounds

Flooring for a sports field demands tolerance towards abrasion while being safe for the players and easy to maintain. Flooring made of synthetic fibres, such as the Terrain® Artificial Grass and the Terrain® | Eco Turf, which has the same look and feel as natural grass, can be great options for sports fields — indoors and outdoors, due to their anti-fungal and anti-UV properties. The DIY tiles are easy to maintain and install and can be glued onto the floor or fixed with pins between the tiles. While making great flooring options for sports, these will suit lawns and walkways in a school just the same. 


Noise is usually a concern in classrooms, as high-noise levels hinder teaching and learning and negatively impact productivity. Rubber flooring absorbs sound, ensuring that classes aren’t disturbed due to ambient noise from surrounding areas. It insulates and absorbs noise within the room. Additionally, classrooms need flooring that is safe, durable, and comfortable. 

Rubber floorings such as the Terrain® Eco Square is a great classroom flooring option as it is slip-resistant and made for durability. From an ongoing perspective, maintenance is easy! You can simply replace a tile without affecting the other tiles if it is damaged.

A school is, by default, a high-traffic area and requires intelligent floorings. Rubber being non-porous and durable — reduces cost in the long run and ensures safety; it is hence an ideal choice for classroom floorings. Rubber floors stay clean for a long time and can be maintained with regular vacuuming and damp mopping; therefore, they can look newer for a longer time. Rubber also doubles up as a noise-absorbing material and can help reduce footstep sounds, thus making corridors and classrooms quieter.

Safety, durability and cost are the key points to hover around when considering flooring materials for schools and educational facilities. After all, a safe learning environment is a precursor to a healthy learning environment. Our recently completed school play areas and sports court projects at Pristine Private School, Dubai, South View School Dubai and Victory Heights School Dubai are testimonials to incredible flooring solutions that serve their purpose well.


Terrain Floorings UAE provides premium rubber flooring solutions for all your needs. Drop us a message or call us at +971 4 263 2332 and our experts will get in touch to understand your flooring needs and create the best solution that is tailored for you!



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