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Rubber Tiles Flooring Dubai

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Now that, it isn’t just a factor of our beautifully crafted rubber surfaces but also the material that goes in making them. It’s recycled rubber. It is better suited to make non-slip, maintenance-free surfaces, and it also doesn’t add to the burden on natural resource. Well, if that makes our attractive rubber surfaces all the more attractive, wait till we impress you with our prowess in design, beautiful bright colours and range of Rubber Floorings.

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Binders & Pigments used are all of European Origin

Rubber Tiles Flooring Dubai

like rubber,
like rock.

Rubber Tiles Flooring Dubai


Affordable Flooring Dubai


Affordable Flooring Dubai

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Rubber Tiles Flooring Dubai


We like to provide a Terrain which is safe and healthy for our children to play on and also last longer than other surfaces.

We take care to source the best raw material from reputed manufacturers and certify that the binders and pigments used are all of European origin.

Our tiles are used in the extreme weather conditions of the Middle East and this is a testimony to our quality.

We are a part of the ISMAT group and have been in the business of rubber since 1994. Hence, we Know Rubber better than others.

We know what ingredients and mix make the best tile, we know which design will provide the best impact absorption and we also know how to make the tiles last longer!

Today, we are one of the largest manufacturer of crumb rubber products in the region with an annual output of 1,000,000 square meters of tiles.

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