Importance of Playsets for Child Development

Playing is learning. Playsets play an integral part in a child’s development; spending time swinging across monkey bars, jumping and sliding through tunnels helps improve a child’s cognitive and early brain development. One of the best ways to care for your child’s body and health is to invest in a quality playset for your home backyard or play area. There are many advantages to owning a playset from Terrain Play, ranging from safety to durability. Today’s blog highlight’s how a playset can enhance a child’s holistic development.

A playful exercise

Children are meant to spend most of their day playing and involved in some physical activity, outdoors or indoors. But in recent times, that’s almost unimaginable. With most of the world being online and shrinking public spaces due to urbanization, children are left with little choice. A playset is not just a source of fun but also provides holistic exercise and keeps the kids active and engaged. For example, the Lion’s Den playset from Woodplay comes with a bunch of accessories, including climber and belt swings. It can’t get any more adventurous, providing a complete workout for the little ones without them realising it!

Creativity and curiosity

Although swing sets come with designated accessories, children always get creative and find their own way to use them, and their curious little minds tend to explore every part of the play area. To spark creativity and healthy brain development, children must explore their surroundings, play with other kids and try new activities like the Haven playset from Jack and June  designed and built to unleash the children’s explorer traits. The steering wheel and telescope help them become little pirates and act as a perfect add-on for their make-believe games. 

Physical, motor and cognitive skills

Physical and motor skills are nothing but movements that require using their larger muscles for activities like crawling, walking, running, and rolling over. This happens inherently as kids grow, but parenting is crucial too. This is why investing in an agile playset is like investing in your child’s growth. Let’s take the Paramount Swing Set from Terrain Play for example; it requires a child to climb the entry ladder and then find a way to a bunch of activities like a sand bed. When playing with other kids, their cognitive skills, such as thinking, memory, attention, reasoning, and planning, tend to develop.

Empathy and Social skills

The transition from a baby to a kid is when the child starts to be part of society; until then, they are homebound. To build their social skills and care for others, they must play with their peers, make friends and be part of a team. Such social skills do not come intuitively, but they are instead acquired. A Cavalier swing set from Playnation or similar playsets enables kids to take turns to go down the slide, help each other with their swings, share the binoculars with their friends or pick one up if someone falls. These naturally obtained social skills make them better individuals and responsible citizens. 


Now that we have read in detail about how playsets can advance a child’s development, here is how you can get your hands on a swing set that suits your backyard. Terrain Play’s Premium Playsystems offers a variety of internationally recognized swing sets exclusively in the UAE, which gives your homes and play areas a fun touch. It is designed to go with the likes of the kids; the swing sets are developed with high-quality materials, including a super smooth finish with no sharp edges or splinters, ensuring the safety of children. For a complete solution, Terrain Floorings primarily offers a playground flooring system from artificial grass to EPDM wet pour flooring – which further counts for the protection of children and makes the backyard look appealing. Terrain Play and Terrain Floorings is the one-stop shop for all your play area needs!


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