5 things you should consider before buying commercial gym flooring solutions

Setting up your commercial gym comes with plenty of decisions to make. From choosing the right equipment to picking a suitable floor space with high footfall. But one of the most important things to consider is the flooring of your commercial gym. Does flooring matter so much for a commercial gym? It does!

Assuming you are a gym owner aiming to improve your gym members’ performance. The most recommended way to assist is by offering the best-in-class gym equipment. As a result, your members are content, the gym’s reputation will improve and eventually, the gym might show substantial growth. But is that all? Just purchasing gym equipment will not be critical to your gym’s growth. Flooring is an essential part of the gym. One should consider commercial gym flooring for its numerous benefits.

Without proper commercial gym flooring, gym members would also find it challenging to perform their workouts, which could lead to unpleasant accidents like injuries and accidental slips during their workout sessions. New gym owners or those with adequate knowledge might need help choosing the best commercial gym flooring; thus, this blog will be helpful for anyone looking for suitable gym flooring. 

Let us look into important vital things one should look for when choosing commercial gym flooring products.

Commercial Gym Flooring Thickness

Firstly, the thickness of the tiles should be considered, as a variety of gym flooring thicknesses are available. Hence it is crucial to choose the appropriate flooring thickness gym. The higher the thickness, the stronger the flooring. 

Ensure that you select gym flooring that offers good absorption against impacts. You can choose thicker gym flooring within the weight-free spaces. While for areas like yoga and cardio sections, less thickness flooring is enough.


Gym Flooring Durability

Due to the variety of gym flooring availability, one needs to choose highly durable flooring for a commercial gym. The two most popular flooring materials that gym owners prefer are Rubber flooring and PVC flooring.

Rubber flooring is a long-lasting material capable of withstanding impact and high foot traffic. Choosing Rubber flooring can improve the gym experience due to its anti-slip surface, which provides a secure and stable platform.

PVC flooring is rigid as it offers the required strength for gym flooring and is easy to maintain; hence, it’s used in commercial gym flooring.


Gym Flooring Impact Resistance and Soundproofing

The most preferred option for commercial gym flooring is that it absorbs noise and impact. The vibration from the gym while using heavy weights can distract the other gym members.

Hence, for a comfortable and quiet environment in the gym, it’s necessary to use rubber flooring for proper soundproofing; therefore, one has to keep this aspect in mind when purchasing gym flooring.


Visual Aesthetics of Commercial Gym Flooring

This factor is overlooked by most gym owners when it comes to the installation of commercial gym flooring. Apart from the benefits, gym flooring should also enhance the appearance. Choosing aesthetically pleasing gym flooring will make your gym look more vibrant, try considering your gym’s brand colours and theme.


Commercial Gym Flooring Budget

Lastly, your budget is the foremost aspect to consider when buying commercial gym flooring. The gym flooring cost might increase or decrease depending on the overall area of the gym. The most significant expenditure associated with setting up a commercial gym is flooring. Terrain flooring offers a variety of budget-friendly commercial gym flooring.


Let’s look at our best commercial gym flooring products.

Some of our best commercial gym flooring products and their applications are listed below. Take a look at these options if you want the best commercial gym flooring:



Vulcan Extreme commercial gym flooring tiles are designed for toughness. Even under extreme load or heavy foot traffic, these tiles stay solid. They are noise resistant, absorb impact, and are easy to install on various surfaces. 

Some of the key features of Vulcan Extreme are:

  • Premium Service
  • Easy to Install 
  • Easy to Clean

It can be installed as commercial fitness floorings for weight training areas, Strength training, callisthenics, cardio, functional fitness, and more.



ECO Interlock commercial gym floorings are the most straightforward and easy-to-use tiles. Even by unskilled artisans, it can be easily installed, removed, and reinstalled at any place.

Some of the key features of Eco interlock are:

  • Premium Service
  • Easy to Install 
  • HIC Tested 

Like Vulcan Extreme, these can be installed for strength training, weight training, callisthenics, cardio, and functional fitness.



ECO Square commercial gym flooring tiles are simple square tiles that can be laid in any desirable pattern.

Some of the key features of Eco interlock are:

  • Premium Service
  • Easy to Install 
  • HIC Tested 

ECO Square tiles can be used in commercial gym flooring areas like strength training, weight training, outdoor commercial fitness flooring, cardio, and functional fitness.


To conclude

The rubber flooring industry has various options relevant to commercial gyms. Rubber flooring has better durability and is highly suitable for commercial gym floors. Therefore, consider your preferences and needs when choosing between purchasing the best commercial gym flooring. 

Terrain Floorings UAE provides premium flooring for commercial gyms and fitness spaces. All our rubber tiles are made using European-quality materials at our state-of-the-art factory in the UAE. Call us at +971 4 263 2332 to know more about Terrain Sports Fit and our various other solutions for professional sports, schools, industries, home gym flooring, and more.  


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