Raw Materials

We deal with some of the leading global raw material manufacturers to provide a best in class flooring for maximum efficiency and long-lasting life.
Our vigorous raw material selection process makes sure we do not compromise on quality at any cost! We also keep ample of stocks to meet customer requirements in time & these raw materials are available to all our customers who do not mind walking an extra mile for quality at an affordable cost!



PU Binder



Recycled rubber tiles are an excellent alternative to conventional surfaces. They make an area safer and more comfortable. Laid down loosely or stuck down, rubber tiles give a softer surface under the feet and a great experience to those walking on it.

Talking of experience, these tiles are a breeze when it comes to installation. You will love the interesting DIY option. We can plan out the dimensions for the area you want covered. And then, you take over and Do it Yourself. Or you can always ask us to lay down the perfect flooring solution for you.

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