At Terrain Floorings, like in everything else we do, we use a customer focused quality approach to our maintenance work. Maintenance, like any service or product can be of varying qualities. At Terrain Floorings, we provide high quality maintenance backed up by machinery imported from Europe & USA, strong standard operating procedures, and a well-trained team. Maintenance is only useful if it helps provide the benefits mentioned above, and our maintenance process will ensure that the money you are paying helps your field last longer, play better, and keep our users happy. In other words, the return on investment will be high.

For all maintenance related enquiries, please send us an email to

Terrain Floorings has opened up its maintenance business because we recognise how critical maintenance is to the performance of the sports infrastructure.

1. Your sports surface will look aesthetically better: In a competitive world, aesthetics are important.
2. Your sports surface will last longer: The life span can be extended by 25%.
3. Your sports surfaces will provide better playability: Players will enjoy playing for longer on your field.
4. You will avoid more injuries: Injuries are a bad thing for the reputation of a sports business or school.

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