PU Flooring

Our PU flooring is constructed on site and therefore can be varied as required by the customer. Multiple colour options and some design patterns are available as well.

1. PU Primer: Applied by brush on asphalt surfaces or on waterproof concrete surfaces without rising humidity issues.

2. SBR / SBR Mat: Mixture of PU BINDER plus SBR granules in granulometry of 0.5-2mm. Applied by paver machine in thickness.

3. PU Sealer: Used for sealing porous wet-pour shock-pad subfloor of sports floorings systems.

4. PU Self Level:  It is combined with wet-pour, shock-absorbent, resilient rubber cushion as substrate to create multipurpose sports flooring systems.

5. Top Coat: It creates an easy-to clean, mat colored surface. It is applied on the polyurethane self-leveling coating as final surface.

Vinyl Flooring

Sports vinyl is the most popular product used for sports today due to its versatility, ease of maintenance and vibrant colors. Our Terrain Sports vinyl product meets all the standard criteria for elements such as ball bounce, shock absorption, vertical deformation, abrasion resistance and others.

1. Glue Adhesive on concrete surface
2. PVC Vinyl Roll

Wooden Flooring

. System Height 2” (50mm) using 3/4” (20mm) flooring
. Factory fabricated panels ensure accuracy and uniformity
. Smart-Use panel with 15/32” nailers
. Anchor slots allow for total system expansion
. Recycled content T-Block anchor retainers
. 3/8” Laminated Wood Fulcrum
. 3/8” foam ribbon strips

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