How Choosing Rubber Flooring Can Improve the Gym Experience

There are many advantages to choosing rubber flooring for a gym – it’s easy to clean and maintain, simple to install, available in various colors, and much more. One of the most underrated benefits of rubber gym flooring is its ability to improve the workout experience of gym-goers and improve their well-being in other ways.

 Here are some of the many ways in which quality rubber tiles can enhance and ensure the safety and well-being of an enthusiast and improve their gym-going experience.

 Anti-slip for extra grip

During heavy workouts, minor mishaps might happen. Sure, the person working out might be wearing excellent, grippy footwear. But, if the surface they are standing on doesn’t give adequate resistance, the risk of slipping and falling increases. This is especially true for CrossFit, MMA, and other techniques which require much movement. Rubber flooring solutions, like Terrain’s Sport Fit range, are slip-resistant even when wet, helping create a safe environment where people can focus on their workout.

 Noise-cancelling flooring solutions

A gym is by no means a silent space; sometimes, even a good pair of earphones is not enough to help concentrate. But rubber flooring can help make it much quieter than it would otherwise be. Recycled rubber tiles like Terrain Square or Terrain Flex Pro are designed to keep sounds from things like equipment or falling weights to a minimum, helping create a calm and undisturbed workout session.

 Rubber flooring absorbs impact for healthier joints

That rubber flooring absorbs impact well is widely known. It keeps the subfloor safe from damage in case any heavy weights or equipment were to fall. But, did you know that it can keep gym-goers safe too? And not from fall injuries, either. Exercising on the appropriate Terrain rubber tile can reduce stress on joints and muscles, which means that once the workout is done, you can walk away without any extra pains or aches. Terrain Sport Fit tiles are customized according to the installation area to ensure users have the best possible experience.

 Anti-fungal for a healthier gym environment

Gyms are filled with sweaty bodies, making them an excellent breeding ground for microbes. If left unchecked, this could create an unhealthy atmosphere for users. Terrain rubber tiles are certified anti-fungal and resist fungi growth, which can otherwise cause health problems.  

 Terrain Sport Fit, a flooring solution designed for gyms and fitness centers, has all the ingredients required to enhance an overall gym-goers experience. All our rubber tiles are made using European-quality materials at our state-of-the-art factory in the UAE. Call us (+971 4 263 2332) to know more about Terrain Sport Fit and our various other solutions for professional sports, industries, schools, and more.  


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