Does Rubber Flooring Help Kids Perform Better in School?

People tend to perform well in an environment that cares for their comfort and needs. Every environment is built keeping in mind the exact needs and nature of those who will inhabit it. A hospital caters to the needs of the doctor and the patients, a sports complex – that of its sportspersons, and so should a school of its kids! Incorporating rubber flooring in schools is a smart move that brings comfort, safety, concentration, physical activity, cleanliness, and durability to the forefront. With rubber flooring, we create an environment that supports and uplifts our young learners, empowering them to perform at their best and soar to new academic heights.

Terrain Flooring South View School Dubai Project
Terrain Flooring South View School Dubai Project

Safety Redefined
Rubber flooring, such as the Terrain® Eco Flex Pro, takes center stage when it comes to ensuring the security of our little learners. Its remarkable shock absorption properties create a protective playground, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries from falls. With rubber flooring in place, kids can freely explore and engage in physical activities without any fear, giving them the confidence to push their limits and excel.

Focus Unleashed
Let's talk concentration! الأرضيات المطاطية steals the show with its comfort and cushioning. Providing a soft and supportive surface, reduces fatigue and discomfort, allowing students to stay focused on their learning endeavors. No more squirming or fidgeting due to uncomfortable seating. With rubber flooring, kids can comfortably settle in and absorb knowledge like never before, paving the way for academic triumph.

Pristine School Play Area by Terrain 4 rubber flooring
Pristine School Play Area by Terrain 1 rubber flooring

Quiet Please
Rubber flooring has a secret power — it’s a noise ninja! Unlike traditional hard floors that amplify noise levels, rubber flooring absorbs sound like a pro. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to enhanced auditory comprehension and concentration. With a quieter environment, kids can channel their attention and energy towards learning, creating a harmonious and stress-free learning atmosphere. You can even use rubber underlay (like Terrac®) to create a soundproof environment.

Energizing Movement
Time to get in motion! Flooring such as Terrain’s PU (Polyurethane) encourages physical activity among students. Its fantastic shock absorption properties minimize the impact on joints and muscles, making it an ideal surface for gyms and playgrounds. Rubber flooring boosts overall health and fitness by promoting exercise and movement, which is linked to improved brain function and academic performance.

Al Maharat School Play Area by Terrain 1 rubber flooring
Terrain Floorings Victory Heights School Dubai Project

Clean and Fresh
Rubber flooring means hassle-free hygiene and maintenance. It repels water, stains, and dirt like a pro, making clean-up a breeze. Say goodbye to pesky dust, allergens, and bacteria. With a smooth and non-porous surface, rubber flooring keeps the air clean and fresh, ensuring a healthy environment for our little ones to thrive. Goodbye allergies and sick days!

Tough as Nails
Rubber flooring is the superhero of durability, built to withstand the relentless foot traffic and chaos of school life. It's resilience shines through, maintaining its quality and appearance over time. Schools can save some serious cash in the long run by investing in rubber flooring. It's a no-brainer choice for institutions that want a reliable and high-performance surface that will last for years.

Kids spend a considerable amount of time – their crucial growth years, at their schools, let's give them an environment that will ensure their days are safe and their education fruitful. Rubber floorings are an investment every school must make!

Contact us to know more about Terrain’s flooring solutions and how it can help schools create sports courts, play areas, and more that are safe for kids.


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